Connected Retail Connecting IoT to the enterprise

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Connected Retail

Leading retailers view the Internet of Things as a mean to excel and differentiate. They also realize that heterogeneous systems and fundamentally disconnected enterprise architectures are limiting their ability to delight customers and optimize operations. Connected Retail combines new IoT initiatives with the enterprise to ensure data and actionable insights are fully utilized across the business.

The Internet of Things in Retail Great Expectations

Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest-and-greatest in a long list of technologies that have exploded onto the scene. And interest in IoT is fueled by a very real and pressing problem that retailers have today: they have struggled to integrate the store to an otherwise 24x7 anytime/anywhere selling environment. But what are they really doing with these technologies?

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On-Demand webinar: Planet Retail RNG Survival of the Fittest – Retail Technology for Digital Transformation

Retail Technology for the Digital Age

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Connected Retail and the new Customer Engagement Paradigm

The Internet of Things is the future of retail, but it’s only half the story. The real benefits come when you combine IoT initiatives with the enterprise to ensure actionable insights are utilized across the business. Plan your path to a digital future.

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Putting Connected Retail into Practice

Take a deeper dive with four real-world examples of IoT in Retail. These are just some of the Connected Retail solutions you could achieve by combining the IoT with your enterprise IT using Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. Learn more about Connected Retail in practice.

Retail Systems Research Interview Digital Business Customer Centricity

Nikki Baird of Retail Systems Research shares her insights about the changing face of Customer Centricity in an exclusive Innovation World interview with Oliver Guy, Retail Industry Director at Software AG.

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